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Our Products


We provide only the highest quality beef, pork, chicken and processed meats on the market. Our range is wide to cater for a variety of customers and businesses across Zambia. Our wholesale outlets are fully stocked with the wide range of all our meat products ready for pick up or delivery to your outlets. You can also find our products in all leading stores that stock meat like Pic N Pay, Shoprite, Game stores, Choppies and Food Lover’s Market.


Our grass fed beef is carefully selected from local farmers across Zambia, providing our customers a variety of tasty meat. By being selective in the region we source from and being breed specific, Real Meat Africa delivers that “wow” factor that is mouth watering and found satisfactory by well known super markets like Pic N Pay, Shoprite, Food Lovers, Game Stores, and Choppies, just to mention a few. Among our selection of beef products are Beef Mixed cut, traditional Boerewors, Mince, and so much more.


When you are looking to serve your customers with quality pork then the Real Meat Africa’s freshly served pork products are what you need. We have a full offering of pork products that includes pork chops, pork breakfast sausage, viennas, Hungarian sausages, bacon and so much more.

    Ready to Eat

Real Meat Africa’s well sliced meats and fresh cold meats are well packaged for everyday sandwiches, easy entertaining or an addition to your favourite recipes. Processed for a perfect melt-in-your mouth texture is a range of products that includes french and garlic polony, bacon, sandwich ham, smoked ham, just to mention a few.


Our range of chicken products is designed to reflect the needs of our customers. Whether you are cooking for health, or eating for pleasure, our chicken products are developed with you and your special meals in mind. We supply whole chickens and cut and sliced packaged chickens for the retail market.