Real Meat Africa FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We are always eager to help you with any queries you may have regarding our products. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions we get, with some helpful answers.


Which products do you sell?

Our range include wholesale beef and pork carcasses, fresh cuts of beef and pork, as well as beef and pork processed items such as hungarian sausage, polony, bacon, vienna and various hams

Where are you found?

Our Wholesale Outlets are located at:

  • Best Beef: Plot No 8077 off Mumbwa Road, Chinika, Tel no +260977110925
  • Mwembeshi: Plot No 7193 Mwembeshi Road, Light Industrial Area, Tel no +260960992062
  • Garden: Plot 1102 Katima Mulilo Road, Garden, Tel no +260960992067

For more information on our retail depots, products, wholesale pricing, order and delivery, please contact our Telesales Coordinator on Tel no +260964269510.

We also have Real Meat retail outlets at the following locations:

NameAreaAddressTel Number
SowetoSoweto MarketPlot 10439 Katanga Road, Chinika+260965310823
LumumbaTown CentreShop 11 Lumumba bus Station+260979435490
KamwalaKamwalaPlot 180 off Ring Road, Kamwala+260975640049
DDKIntercityPlot 5388 Dedan Kimathi Road+260960991998
MateroMateroCity Father Complex Commonwealth Road, Matero+260965104257
AvondaleAvondaleGardenia Road, Avondale+260964269510
KanyamaKanyamaKanyama West Masauko Market+260964269510
ChelstoneChelstoneChelstone Main Market+260964269510
Lusaka WestApollo Lusaka WestNine MM Pub & Grill+260964269510
ShowgroundsRhodesparkPlot 2374 Showgrounds+260978271911
WoodlandsWoodlandsShop 30 Forli Complex Woodlands Stadium+260964387659
KalingalingaHellen KaundaStand B1/12/1 Alick Nkata Road, Hellen Kaunda+260965094781
LivingstoneDambwaPlot No. 53759, Dambwa North, Nakatindi Road+260963817129

We are also have our products in Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Choppies, Spar, Cheers, Food Lovers and Game Stores

How do we place our orders?

Orders can be placed and processed through our telesales team:

  • Caroline Banda – +260964269510
  • Audrey Sinkala – +260964269577
  • Jessie Mukambo – +260964269538
  • Joyce Nachinga – +260760634693
  • Margaret Musonda – +260762172422
  • Beauty Mulunda – +260963883417
  • Email :
What is the mode of Payment that you accept?

Payment can be made through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Cheque and through bank cash deposits. Cheques to be made out in the name of Real Meat Africa Ltd. Deposits should be made according to the letter dated day/Month/Year, stipulating Real Meat Bank Details.

Does Real Meat offer an in-store refrigerator?

Currently Real Meat does not offer refrigeration, but intends on providing the service in the near future.

How can I open an Account with Real Meat?

An Account opening form is issued and should be filled in and signed by a director or an appointed authority. A copy is available on request.

Give your completed application to your respective Sales Representative or e-mail to our Credit Controller at

Does Real Meat offer a credit line and what are they requirements?

Yes we offer a credit line and below is the criteria that need to be met:

  • Customer must have consistently traded with Real Meat for a minimum of 3 months on a cash basis
  • Customer should provide T-PIN Number and where applicable, the Company & VAT Registration Certificates
  • Customer to provide guarantees

For credit account opening, please contact our Credit Controller Chama Malama on Tel no +260968992934 or email:

Do you offer delivery and is it at an extra Charge?

Delivery is offered at no extra cost.

What’s the turnaround time once an order is placed?

Walk in customers can be served within 20 minutes from our Mwembeshi Wholesale Outlets, whilst Lusaka based deliveries can be made within 24hrs of the placement of the order. All orders to be placed by 12 noon on the day prior to delivery.

Are you able to make specialized cuts?

Yes, submit any specialized request to our telesales team co-ordinator, Caroline Banda Tel no +260964269510

Is your beef Halaal?

No, it is not.

Is there a return policy for a bad quality product?

Any complaint on quality is raised to our Health and Safety department through Sally Kabwebwe on Tel no +260961099969 and e-mail OR our telesales co-ordinator Caroline Banda on Tel No +260964269510 or email: