About Real Meat Africa


Real Meat Africa (RMA) is a meat processing company based in Zambia, and is a member of the Amatheon Agri Group. It is a group of companies composed of Real Meat Company Ltd, Best Beef Company, Best Pork Company, and Morebeef Limited. Boasting four abattoirs and multiple processing facilities, the RMA Group strives to meet customer and consumers needs through our stable of brands and unique product offering.

RMA is the second largest meat supplier and processor in Zambia, with a footprint in multiple markets across the country. With each individual entity providing a unique attribute, the company has very strong brand recognition associated with superior quality at an affordable price.

The company is currently spearheaded by Pieter Swanepoel – an industry expert who has a wealth of experience in retail industries.

What Real Meat Africa Does

What Real Meat Africa does


The Real Meat Africa provides various animal products (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Goat and Venison). These products are readily available to consumers through major retailers, independent supermarkets, agents (or distributors) and our own outlets (butcheries or depots). The products are provided as fresh or processed, and our most successful product is Hungarian sausage affectionately referred to as “Real Meat”.

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